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Scatman Players


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Gary Coleman


If you don't know, Gary Coleman was the star of the hit 80's TV sitcom "Diff'rent Strokes". Gary Coleman is a great role model for all people, so he spends his time answering emails at and also appears in most of my flash movies with his spare time. Gary Coleman is a true king among kings!

Mr. T


Mr. T like Gary Coleman is another 80's icon. Appearing on the hit TV series "The A-Team". Mr. T right now is battling the deadly cancer virus. We all pray for Mr. T and hope he can fully recover and pity some more fools! But even with his treatments, Mr. T still has time to appear in my flash movies. We pray for you Mr. T!



When I found Setsuna he was a lost and scared boy. He was out on the mean Japanese streets until I brought him in. Now Setsuna is learning the ways of American culture and finding a home starring in some of my flash movies. We also have learned that Setsuna is very wise so he gives out his friendly advice whenever he can.



Here is the mysterious Scatman. In real life he has passed away...but his soul still burns. He has never made an appearence in any of the Scatman Films movies except for the logo. But one day will he return for a appearence? Will the mystical Scatman return to us one day? Only time will tell his story.

Scatman Players