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Andrew's Vault
Cannibal! the Musical


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My Cannibal! The Musical Dedication!


Cannibal! The Musical MP3s!!! (The Trapper Song is my personal favorite!)

Click here to download the MP3 of "It's a Shpadoinkle Day!"

Click here to download the MP3 of "The Trapper Song"

Click here to download the MP3 of "Let's Build A Snowman!"

Click here to download the MP3 of "Hang the Bastard!"

My Story

Some time ago as I was walking in and out of stores at the Silver City mall, I walked in to Suncoast Video for about the 8th time and began to search around for a new and exciting DVD that may have escaped me on my past visits. So as I was looking at their glorious large selection of DVDs, "Orgasmo"(a not so well known Trey Parker film) came to my mind. Then "South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut" (ahhh...such greatness!), and finally "Baseketball". Then I remembered from my "Baseketball" DVD, in the cast biographies it meantioned another movie that starred Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and even Dian Bachar(Choda Boy). So I then quickly searched through the pages of the BIG book of almost every movie and actor known to the universe. Under the name Trey Parker came the title "Cannibal! The Musical". Then after searching everywhere for a copy of this film, I came to realize that they were sold out of all copies. But this wasn't as bad as it seemed.. now I LOVE Suncost Video because they ordered a special copy just for me! Exactly one week later it arrives in store! Then after a long and exhausting day of work, I run upstairs and I pop the DVD into my DVD player and watch the dumbest movie ever. Soon after the next day the songs sung in the movie were stuck in my fucking head! I couldn't get them out! No matter what I did they stuck in my brain!!! So I watched it again, and again, and then with the directors commentary on! Now I love the movie with all of my heart! This film is not available at Blockbuster or anywhere else like that. So if you want to see it really bad, just order it from Suncoast Video (in the Silver City Galleria) or at any other store that takes special orders. The movie is made by Troma! King of the B-Movies! "Cannibal! The Musical" is available on both VHS and DVD formats, for those of you without the DVD luxury!. But trust me..this movie is worth every penny! Or if it just so happens that you know me, I should be able to hook you up with a fresh copy if you ask me really nicely! I'll do it for G-Fresh!!!

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